Florida State vs Auburn Prediction


Monday, January 6, 2013 8:30 PM ET

R.J. Jackson: FSU -8.5

Rodney Blaze: Auburn +8.5

Roland Morehouse: Auburn +8.5

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  1. SharpNation

    December 19, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    FSU fans you may want to calm down and wait until Jan. 6th to see what type of team you have! The truth of the matter is that if any of the top 5 SEC teams played FSU schedule then they would have achieved the same results! FSU may be legit but the jury is still out, at least Auburn has played and won against quality opponents! WDE!!!

  2. SharpNation

    December 19, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Amid all of this jest and sometimes not-so-jest, I would like to recognize how awesome this is for both teams. Miracles or not, Auburn has really achieved a spectacular comeback which has been super entertaining to watch. If they win, that would be awesome. If they lose, it was still a season to remember. Florida State…. how about it? A Heisman quarterback (amid scandal), an undefeated season, and a trip to the championship. I think many Auburn fans should recognize this scenario. I think it’s great to see FSU being an extremely dominant team and I bet Tallahassee (sp?) is ecstatic. Auburn fans, do not discount these guys. This game will not be about stats. This will be a battle of heart. May the best team win and War Eagle!

  3. SharpNation

    December 19, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    I expect Auburn to score at least 14-17 points in the 1st half. Watching film and scheming for what they’ve done so far helps for sure, but Auburn will come with new looks to confuse the Nole D. After adjustments, I expect FSU’s defense to slow down, but not stop the high powered Auburn rushing attack in the second half. Auburn will score points. There is no rational argument against that. They run the ball like crazy, but do it in a very sophisticated way. NOT 1 dimensional. The other side of the ball will be key. FSU will have to score a lot.

    Georgia Scored 38 points @ Auburn without 3 of their key offensive players. With those players in they scored 35 @ Clemson. Clemson’s scoring defense is 17th and Auburns is 38th. It’s safe to say that Clemson defense is similar in talent to Auburns. FSU put up 51 points @ Clemson. As for layoff rust, Winston has actually shown that he performs better. 1st game of the season after a year and a half of not playing a real game he went 26 for 28, 4 passing TDs and one rushing TD. Arguably his best game of the season. If this was not his best game, most would point to the Clemson game in which he had a two week layoff and pressure from at that time the best sacking d in the country.

    A month off twists a lot of things. It’s really hard for any of us to predict the outcome. But I expect FSU to score more than 40 on Auburn. Possibly more than 50. I know Auburn fans think I’m crazy, but there is nothing to show me anything to the contrary. Auburns defense allowed 3 teams to score 10 or fewer points all season. Those teams were Arkansas State, Western Carolina, & Florida Atlantic. FSU has scored more than 35 in every game this season. More than 40 in every game but Florida (37). Similar teams Florida has played with Auburn:

    Tennessee – UF allowed 17 – Auburn allowed 23
    LSU – UF allowed 17 – Auburn allowed 35
    Arkansas – UF allowed 10 – Auburn allowed 17
    Georgia – UF allowed 23 – Auburn allowed 38
    Missouri – UF allowed 36 – Auburn allowed 42

    Of note here is that from the pro-style offenses (similar to FSU) the scores show a higher degree of disparity between the two defenses.

    FSU scored 37 points on a Florida team in the swamp when the Gators had nothing to lose and needed this win to end on a positive note. They were fired up like no other game in the swamp this year.

    There are always intangibles. One big one is Dameyune Craig. He knows Fishers playbook quite possibly as good as Winston. Still the system Fisher runs leaves a ton of wiggle room for the QB to chose at the line after reading the defense. And every man that has coached or taught Winston claim that he has the best football IQ of anyone they’ve seen. Including Elite Eleven QB camp man, Trent Dilfer. So I expect Winston to learn the looks Auburn throws at him through the course of the game and make the right reads starting in the 2nd quarter, if not sooner.

    FSU mid to high 40′s Auburn 20′s to low 30′s.

  4. SharpNation

    December 19, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    Seeing as most of these comments defending Auburn go along as “They are in the SEC, they will automatically win because of the past 7 championships” or “Because of the SEC’s superior schedule, Auburn will win!” I’m beginning to believe no one knows how to actually use stats and like-history to accurately predict a champion, so I’ll educate.

    Of the past 7 SEC champions, 4 of them scored more than their average amount of points. All 4 of them( UF ’06, LSU ’07, Bama ’09, Bama ’12) ran pro offense’s. 2 teams scored below their season average(Cam Newton’s AU tigers with 22 points scored and Tim Tebow’s UF Gators with 24 points scored). They ran spread offenses, that relied on the run in order to pass. 2011 Bama was a pro offense as well and was held under its season average, but it was facing the #1 defense in LSU. The point I’m getting at is that a team like AU, whether they are facing a FSU defense that “hasn’t played anyone” and is “Overrated because of this,” is going to have trouble scoring more than 25 points, as history has proved. In fact, seeing as neither has a player quite like Cam Newton, and Auburn’s team isn’t brimming with playmakers like Tebow, Harvin, Louis Murphy, Aaron Hernandez and so forth, I see them having trouble scoring 20.

    Auburn’s defense is horrible. Their pass defense is even worse, and they are going up against what is probably the best passing attack in the country. FSU has 3 receivers that will more than likely play in the NFL(Kenny Shaw, Benjamin and Greene) and a T.E. that will more than likely play in the NFL (Nick O’leary). They have the, more than likely, Heisman trophy winning QB to throw it to them, and a trio of running backs that equate to the combination of Nick Marshall and Tre Mason. The defensive line has two future NFL players(Timmy Jernigan and Mario Edwards Jr.) and, because Auburn will more than likely be forced to pass because FSU has a month to prepare for the run game, they will have to pass against the #1 rated pass defense in the country, and one of the all around defensive backs in the country(Lamarcus Joyner).

    Final Score: 42-21.

  5. SharpNation

    December 19, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    Do you REALLY think Jameis Winston will be scared of Auburn?? His first snap in college football was spread formation in a PRO football stadium for a FIRST down. With all this off field BS behind him and after winning the Heisman, (& playing a below average secondary) he will play LIGHTS OUT on his BIRTHDAY to bring the crystal ball back to Tally where it belongs.

  6. SharpNation

    December 19, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    I keep hearing Auburn fans talking about Destiny this season. LOL

    You want to talk about Destiny and Jan 6th? Destiny is when your team loses 6 coaches, 11 players to the NFL and a redshirt QB. Destiny is when the team that is suppose to be “rebuilding” goes undefeated all season and CRUSHES everyone they play. Destiny is when 4 players will break 1,000 yards in a season.

    Hell, Auburn couldn’t even score 80 in basketball, forget about a football game…

    Destiny is when this same team who lost so much and has a RS QB under center leads the team to score the most points EVER in a season in NCAA football history…

    Destiny is when your RS QB wins the Heisman….Destiny is when your Famous Jameis RS QB Heisman winner’s Bday is Jan 6th 1994, one year after FSU’s first National Title..

    That is what I call Destiny, not getting lucky most of the season!

  7. SharpNation

    December 19, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    Noles are going to destroy Auburn. Auburn was always best possible roadkill choice. There is no defense in the entire SEC. But in the BCS Championship, Marhsall and Mason, meet Brick Wall. You will not rush for more than 150 yards, and most of that may come against our scrubs in the 4th quarter. In fact, you may be kicking a field goal in the 4th quarter just to keep from taking a goose egg. The Noles have not even begun to TRY yet this season. They have the #1 scoring offense AND the #1 scoring defense. They allow EXACTLY 7 points per first 3 quarters of every game, then let their victims play the cheerleaders for a little while at the end. This game, despite the fact that FSU is superior at every skill position anyway, will be mainly won in the trenches. FSU’s line on both sides of the ball is simply bigger, stronger, faster, more athletic, and just plain better. On a whole ‘nother level from Auburn’s or any SEC team’s. Noles will win by at least 30, if not 40 or more. We are all expected to pretend the SEC is good for the next few weeks, just so the commercial hype can be generated and the grifters can bank some cash. But anyone with two eyes and a brain can see the writing on this wall. One-dimensional offense that has not been tested against ANY respectable defense and a likewise lousy defense to boot spells “Auburn Doom.” Congrats on second place, though.

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